Approximately 50 acres, 187 homes



Unincorporated Arapahoe County



Richmond American Homes, Golden Design Group

Piney Creek Village

Piney Creek Village was the first truly high-end community that Centre Communities developed. Homes ranged from the mid $400s all the way to well over a million dollars (luxury dollars by 1990's standards). Not only did these increased price points magnify the need for superior attention-to-detail, the infrastructural demands imposed by the namesake Piney Creek when it came to flood control were immense as well.


For starters, Centre Communities created a metro district which sold $6 million worth of bonds to fund the much-needed public improvements, particularly with regard to the transportation system.  Centre then worked with the Urban Drainage & Flood Control District, the ECCV, and Arapahoe County to incorporate both bank stabilization and flood control capabilities within the flood plain surrounding Piney Creek.


Another important partner in Piney Creek Village was Arapahoe Park & Rec District (APRD). Centre worked closely with them to make improvements to a large park and then donated it to APRD. In addition, Centre worked with APRD to develop the site plan for The Trails Recreation Center located adjacent to the community. The Trails Recreation Center is now a thriving a local recreation hub which featured indoor swimming pools, workout rooms, a basketball court, community rooms and a skateboard park.


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