Property Selection

Centre Communities always researches and selects only the properties that fit the requirements of high-volume builders. Initial evaluations are often performed at the request of a specific builder, but the characteristics that Centre delivers are consistently universal:


  • Low initial cost to insure competitive lot prices
  • Smarter “phasing” to reduce upfront costs
  • Geographic dispersion to mitigate market area anomalies
  • Timely delivery of lots in budget and on schedule


Centre also utilizes state-of-the-art software programs such as a customized Timberline system to manage budgets, job costs and financial statements. This sophisticated tracking system is in part responsible for keeping Centre Communities on track on and in budget.


Development Financing

Centre and its development partners routinely use cash reserves instead of debt financing to purchase land. At times, loans are used to fund the installation of subdivision improvements, but these loans are underwritten conservatively and carry rapid repayment schedules.


Cash equity, builder commitments, and small construction phases are incorporated into the business plan for each property, to reduce the lender/investor risk and to protect capital.


It is these sound yet conservative financial strategies that have allowed Centre to continually succeed, even through what oftentimes can be volatile fluctuations in the real estate market.


Land Sales

Through a highly-complex and well-proportioned blend of assets, acumen, skills, and experience, for decades Centre Communities has been able to function in a leadership role in the realm of residential acquisition and community development.



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